Aloha feels like Chocolate


Warm welcome to Aloha Feels. My name is Kazemaru and I come from a background of Eastern Medicine and Wellness industry and am blessed to be able to introduce my new wild journey of a chocolate company. I'd love to share a little Aloha with you through our Hawaiian chocolate products. 

The first chocolate bar was created in September of 2017, and is a special 72% dark chocolate bar from 100% Hawaiian grown cacao grown on my cacao farm on the beautiful Hamakua Coast on the island of Hawai'i. The Hamakua Coast has been referred to as the Napa Valley of Chocolate because of the ideal environment for growing cacao.

The first 250 cacao trees that were planted in 2013 already produced fruit after two years, an unusually early occurrence! Normally cacao trees start bearing fruit in three to four years. Many notable experts in the field of cacao growing have visited and contributed to my farm.

When I very first planted the seedlings all the trees died after a few months, due to a kind soul wanting to be helpful and sprayed roundup around the baby cacao, and they all were not ready for that.

However, there is always a silver lining in the cloud. After that sad incident I was introduced to another farmer, Colin Hart who became one of my strokes of luck in beginning my chocolate journey. Colin helped me replant the whole farm and cared for it during the years when he did his research in Cacao fermentation at the University of Hawai'i. 

Since then I have a new team in Kyle, Leilani and Yuri (Yuri helps manage the company). We now raise our trees completely naturally using no substances that are harmful to the earth or to the one consuming the final product. The secrets to any amazing chocolate of good quality always starts on the farm.

Food of the Gods

The cacao tree’s official botanical name comes from the Greek words Theobroma Cacao which literally means “food of the gods”. Cacao is a true superfood and is well known for its health, energetic and aphrodisiacal qualities. Studies have shown it to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, heart, stress levels, cholesterol levels and inflammation, just to name a few and of course the mood improver. Cacao contains over 300 phytochemicals and has powerful antioxidant power.
Best of all, cacao releases endorphins and raises serotonin levels, often felt as happiness and bliss.

Would you be interested in having a cacao tree planted in your name?

I am forming an Aloha Feels "sponsor a cacao tree" those who decide to purchase a sponsorship will get a cacao tree planted in their name. The trees will be named and numbered so that they can be identified as specifically being dedicated to a member. A certificate will be provided with each tree.

If you’re interested, look out for the sponsorship section on this website. More information to come in our next newsletter so sign up! 
Aloha (love) really does feel like chocolate!

Deliciously yours,


Aloha Feels

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