Welcome to the Aloha Feels Hawaii Chocolate Club!

We are thrilled to have chocolate lovers like you supporting small craft chocolate makers, and grateful for your support in helping to end the use of child slavery in large production cacao fields.

As a member, you will receive Newsletters with and updates on the cacao trees that we plant in your name and be provided a certificate. Please find photography of the growing trees in Newsletters or on Social Media, including the Secret FB group dedicated to members.


Member Special Rate

Please take advantage of your special benefit to receive 10% off any purchase, excluding membership. Use the code ‘Member10’ when you check out from the web-shop and the fees will automatically be adjusted.

Slave-Free Chocolate

We would love for you to be able to select chocolate only free from slavery or child labour. To make it easier to find the right bar in a jungle of options you can use this list as a reference: Slave-Free Chocolate

If you want to go more into the depth of the issue of Cacao and Chocolate many podcasts have been produced and articles written on the topic from several reliable resources. We will update links to some of those on a dedicated page on our website and also on Facebook. These are some examples;

The Cacao Trees

Many of you have become members with the passion or interest to support us planting more cacao trees in Hawai’i. We thank you deeply. Farming is a labor intense task and the very reason many people in underserved communities or poor societies are taken advantage of. It takes intense work to care for the trees, prevention of bugs and diseases, fighting with lost crops when the weathers have wiped out the budding flowers and so much more that can happen with the cacao trees. Not to mention the harvesting and cracking of pods as well. We continuously build our farm with more trees and build friendship with our farmers to set an example of what can be done when ensuring respect for farmers and true fair labor is practiced. It is a slow process built with love and aloha, no mass production. This way the cacao will also be of better quality, made with love and proper attention and by raising the standard one tree at a time we aim to raise the standard of all chocolate, farmer by farmer, tree by tree, bar by bar. So thank you for your support. 

One of the first Cacao trees planted in the name of the Members on November 1, 2018




About the Events

Aloha Feels organizes small chocolate events with a purpose. We run several different formats, some educational about the health benefits of craft chocolates, some to support an ending slavery charity or just tasting pleasure and they all include chocolates of course so are always fun and delicious. At events members can purchase products for a reduced fee and get freshly produced chocolate bars and cacao tea. Members are also notified on Social Media when our Limited Edition bars are ready for purchase so that you have priority to purchase online before it runs out.

At events you will learn to distinguish good and healthy, slave-free chocolate.
You will enjoy meeting others who are also passionate about good quality, craft chocolate made with love from the tree to the bar.

Some impressions from the events:

We will update the release of new batch of chocolate when they get available.