As a member you will get

1. Invitations to tasting Events. You will be invited to our events or get an opportunity to co-host a chocolate party. The events are fun; you get to try delicious craft chocolates, meet wonderful people and buy fresh products.

2. Your own Cacao Tree in Hawaii. We would like to plant 250 more trees in near future. Members or gift recipients will have their own cacao tree planted labelled with their name and membership number at our boutique orchard in Hawaii. You will receive a certificate too.

3. An extra chocolate bar. You will get a complimentary chocolate bar with your first order.

4. Slave-Free Chocolate. Together we will be able to spread awareness about slave-free chocolate. We will provide lists and updates on the industry as well as easy ways to check if the chocolate you want to buy out on any market is ‘safe’. We also donate a percentage of the membership fees towards organizations that work towards ending child slavery or who support children to get out of the cacao industry.

5. Better Mood. When you eat good quality dark chocolate there are several benefits to your health. But it also gives a serotonin and dopamine boost which is good for your mood hence also good for your relationships. So, eat more and get happier relationships 🙂

You will receive notifications when our chocolate bars are ready for sale one week prior to the general public. As our products are limited they do run out, so members are given a priority to buy. Join us!