Slave Free Chocolate

"The U.S. Department of Labor announced in December of 2020 that 1.5 million children are working illegally and a percentage of those children have been trafficked in and held as slaves."

What is happening?

Slavery comes in many different names, forced labor, indentured labor. Slavery is still a massive issue in our world today and can be found in almost every industry, but it is especially in the cacao industry.

Here is a glimpse of what is currently happening:
• 70% of the world's cacao comes from West Africa
• The current global market value for cacao annually is $5.1 billion
• 40 to 50 million people are dependent on cacao for their livelihood
• Approximately 1.8 million children are at risk of falling under the United Nations' worst forms of Child Labor conditions (ILO 182).
• Today, there are over 27 million known slaves in the world. Nine million of those are children.
• Children are being trafficked every day to become slaves to the cacao industry.
• Candy companies acknowledge this is a significant issue but yet do nothing about it.

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How does Aloha Feels help?

Aloha is a Hawaiian expression of love and affection, and we want that to translate into every aspect of our company. We are dedicated to sharing the feeling of Aloha and Hawaiian vibes through our chocolate to all who are involved; farmers, chocolatiers, and consumers, and organizations.

We are dedicated to:

1. Raising awareness of what customers support with their wallets.

2. Donating a percentage of the revenues to organizations working against slavery and child labor in the cacao industry. (I have done a lot of research and am in close contact with the organizations we are affiliated with to ensure the money goes to the right places and makes an impact). 

3. Signed a petition that went to the Supreme Court; Nestle USA, Inc v. Doe I, Docket number 19-416 and Cargill, Inc v. Doe I, a consolidated case on U.S. corporations and liabilities for alleged child slave labor violations abroad (in the cacao/chocolate industry).

4. Supporting Hawaii's growing cacao industry.

5. But most of all, bringing a little bar of heavenly bliss into people's lives!

With our mission in mind, we have partnered with Slave Free Chocolate to raise awareness of the horrific reality many children face in the cacao industry and donate a percentage of our revenue.

To support  and us, please consider purchasing one of our delicious chocolate bars or brewing cacao tea!

Our Partner: Slave Free Chocolate

To further raise awareness and funds, we have started a collaboration with the organization Slave Free Chocolate. The Director began her work to raise awareness in the cacao industry already in the 80s. She formed the organization in 2007, and together we select valid and effective organizations to donate to. Read more about the Slave Free Chocolate organization here:



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