Membership – Aloha Feels Chocolate Club


Gift yourself or someone special a Membership. You will get;

  1. Invitations to Tasting Events
  2. A Hawai’i Cacao Tree in your name with Certificate
  3. A complimentary Chocolate Bar with your first order
  4. Support of Slave Free Chocolate through donation and awareness
  5. Better Mood

Check the Membership page for more detailsĀ



A Membership in our Chocolate Club is a great gift idea to yourself or someone special. You get a complimentary bar with the first order, a cacao tree planted in your name and invitation to our Chocolate Tasting events. The Club is a way to support fair trade chocolate as well as building a community that together is helping to stop child slavery in the cacao industry.

Membership fee includes planting of a cacao tree in your name. You will receive a Certificate of the tree in your name or in the name of a gift recipient you specify once the tree has been planted. Part of the funds will go to and/or C.R.E.E.R. to stop children slavery in the chocolate industry. Visit for more information.