Membership – Aloha Feels Chocolate Club


Gift yourself or someone special a Membership. You will get;

  1. A Hawai’i Cacao Tree planted in your name with Certificate
  2. Special Rate on all products
  3. Support of Slave Free Chocolate through donation and awareness
  4. Better Mood

Check the Membership page for more details

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A Membership in our Chocolate Club is a great gift idea to yourself or someone special. You get a cacao tree planted in your name. The Club is a way to support real fair trade chocolate as well as building a community that together is helping to raise awareness to stop child slavery in the cacao industry.

Membership fee includes planting of a cacao tree in your name. You will receive a Certificate of the tree in your name or in the name of a gift recipient you specify. We are also working to be able to provide a photo of the tree and physical certificate. Part of the funds will go to organizations in collaboration with to stop children slavery in the chocolate industry. Visit link for more information.